Roof repairs should be made as soon as possible to prevent further deterioration. Some events that might necessitate repair are fallen tree branches, hail, wind and similar events. A prompt repair can eliminate the need for an immediate replacement.

To help you save money during this process, at Peach Roofing we leave you with some suggestions for your consideration:

Choose the right time.

In Atlanta, Roofer contractors are usually busiest in late summer and fall. Plan ahead to have your roof repaired during the off-season.

Use your insurance company.

Most insurance companies cover roof damage that is not caused by neglect. If a limb knocks some shingles loose or your house was affected by a meteorologic phenomenon your insurer may pay for all or part of the roof repair costs.

Consider a total roof replacement.

Analyses if your roof is worth repairing. Repairing the roof is not always the most cost-effective measure, consult your roofer about an eventual total roof replacement.


Always look for high-quality materials, wait for these materials to be on sale. Also, ask your roofing contractor about the possibility of reusing materials from the old roof.

Get quotes from several reputable roofing contractors.

Get quotes from several local roofers with good references, guarantee, and experience. Analyses their proposal and discard extremely cheap bids. If you still have questions, keep asking until you are clear about what is included in every quote.

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