Roofing is an industry which specializes in installation, replacement and repair of residential and commercial buildings. Roofing contractors (or roofers) are industry specialists.

Roofing is frequently a demanding job that heavy involves heavy lifting, as well as climbing under conditions of high temperatures, and in the case of Atlanta and Georgia in general, with high levels of humidity.

There are basically three types of roofing: Residential, commercial and industrial. And also three types of roofing contractors: Shinglers, metal roofers and flat roofers.

How to choose a residential roofing contractor

When looking for the right roofing contractor there are some aspects you should consider:

  • Accreditation. Make sure the contractor has the right license and correctly register as a company in Georgia.
  • Experience. Experience is one of the most valuable assets. An experienced roofing contractor will always offer you important feedback and advice and the certainty of a result that satisfy or even exceeds your expectations.
  • References. Ask the contractor or look for references about its work, ideally in your neighborhood or county.
  • Guarantee. Ask the roofer about what kind of guarantee offers and what is covered under what conditions.
  • Price. Be wary of roofers that offer extremely low prices and knock-on-the-door roofers, which usually mean subpar work, no guarantee, cheap materials and/or zero experience.

Peach Roofing

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